Monday, September 12, 2011

Roller-Coaster Ride

Saturday afternoon.  Feeling such contentment after a long walk on the back roads.  Preparing a lunch to enjoy on the beach.  Glancing out the window.  Seeing my husband hunched over the workbench below.  The scene before me causing my heart to leap up into my throat.  Saw in hand.  Two long, thin pieces of wood beside him.  Building a cross.  To commemorate the accident site.  The vulnerability of this moment hitting me hard.  Knowing a father never imagines this would ever be asked of him.  A spur of the moment decision for him to start this project now.  The concept of a memorial for that spot discussed but not finalized.  Together agreeing to explore options for a suitable plaque before continuing on.  A short time later, both able to savour our meal and the remainder of the day.  A wild and crazy roller-coaster ride indeed. 

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Gena said...

Oh my, sometimes the cards we are dealt in life don't jive with the game we thought we signed up to play.