Thursday, September 22, 2011

La Pietà

La Pietà.  Opportunities abound for feasting ones eyes upon this powerful image.  Statues and paintings of it exhibited the world over in churches, galleries and museums.  No religious beliefs required in order to be stirred by this scene.  At the core, a mother cradling her deceased adult son.  Of late, reflecting on that.  Recalling the memory of standing in St. Peter's.  Deeply moved by Michelangelo's exquisite marble piece.  Feeling the sorrow and heartbreak emanating from that statue.  Now focusing on another aspect.  One not as obvious to me before.  That of profound love.  Calling to mind the impossibility of such pain existing without the love that came before.  I am not Mary, nor was he Jesus.  There was no crucifixion.  Relating however to the essence of that experience.  That of a mother outliving her child.  Embracing the depth of that love.  Something shared by millions over the ages. 


Gena said...

Indeed. Thank you for sharing this profound sentiment.

Breathing Life said...

I remember viewing the unfinished Pieta that Michelangelo left upon his death. It is a profoundly moving piece. Your story has shed new light on this sculpture. I will never look at it again without really getting what it is all about.