Thursday, February 9, 2012

Om Bath

Some love to shower, others prefer to bathe.  Myself, definitely one of the latter.  Enjoying the grounding effect of soaking in a tub of warm water.  Not long ago, discovering an entirely new bathing experience. Accomplishing it without getting wet.  A meditation teacher leading our group through an Om Bath.  In lieu of participants beginning and ending the Om chant simultaneously, having us stagger the start. Immersing ourselves in continual Oms over the course of fifteen minutes.  Akin to singing rounds in a choir.  Phenomenal sound experience.  Bathing fully clothed.


Gena said...

I did an Om workshop with Semperviva in December: One hour of continous Om. It was awesome! The next time they have one, I'll call you!

Vera said...

We can have a bath together!