Monday, June 29, 2015

Stellar Series of Circumstances


     While stepping out for a short break this afternoon, into the warmth of this gorgeous sunny day, a huge wave of gratitude washed through me while reflecting on the beautiful mix of energy I experienced over the past 24 hours. Hosting a family BBQ with four generations at our place last night, then later, after everyone had left and the cleanup had been done, returning to the patio with a glass of wine to take in the summer storm that had just arrived. This morning, during a Walk and Talk session with a client out in the forest, delighting in the surprise of a butterfly's wings lightly brushing  my bare leg. Then, stopping in at a local gift shop with fresh copies of Diary of an Intuitive, since their previous stock had run out. This was followed by an afternoon filled with Tarot card readings at The Oracle, as well as receiving confirmation for the dates of our Iceland trip, now booked for the fall. A stellar series of circumstances, all the way around.
Photo credit: Don Sutherland

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