Saturday, June 6, 2015

She Shed

     Intuitively, my husband often finds himself ahead of lifestyle trends. He is not actively searching for them - he does not aspire to be trendy. Not sure if anyone named Bob does. However, ideas will occur to him that propel him to act before the activity becomes mainstream. Returning to vinyl records before they found a popular resurgence. Downsizing to a small home before this idea really started catching on. Then, a couple of months ago, deciding to build me a studio - a tiny outbuilding with just enough room to play with paint on canvas or lay out a yoga mat. About a week after he began working on this project , I saw numerous articles popularizing She Sheds, a catchy new name for this type of space. Turns out that wanting to provide me with a beautiful studio put him smack dab in the middle of being trendy again. This unassuming man I call my husband may have to consider changing his name.    


Breathing Life said...

no way - he can't change his name, because it is a palindrome - which is very trendy!

Vera said...

True enough :)

Vera said...
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