Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dogs Show Up to Show the Way

     A few nights ago, while sleeping, I had another 'new to me' metaphysical experience. I was standing off to the left of a scene, witnessing two mature golden retrievers playfully running side by side, mere inches apart ... ears flapping, tails wagging, exuding pure happiness. There was nothing else around ... no ground, no sky, just an off-white background. Watching the two of them, I knew that this was not a dream and understood that what I was experiencing was direct spirit to spirit connection. While my physical self was resting, my spirit was connecting with these two beautiful animals. I instantly recognized our pet Amber (who died of cancer in 2002), and while the other dog was very familiar, I could not place her. 
     In the morning, when I awoke, I recalled the powerful experience and realized that the other dog had been the family pet of my younger daughter's closest childhood friend. Their dog had also passed many years ago, followed by the friend's mother, more recently.  The specific message of this experience remains unclear. Perhaps, it was to show me yet another way of connecting to the invisible, or perhaps by sharing this, it may reassure my daughter's friend that spirit does live on. Either way, it was incredible.

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