Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Art of Love

Today is day one of the month associated with celebrating love. This year, I am fully embracing the theme by challenging myself to make a conscious love connection on each of the twenty-eight days in February. This will include celebrating romantic love, love between friends, maternal love, self-love, and brotherly love. It may take the visible form of a call, a card, a hug, a gift, a kiss. Or, it may be invisible - a meditation, a prayer, or one of my favourites, visualizing hundreds of tiny hearts raining down on strangers. Thank you February for inviting me to practice the art of love. 
Image: Johntex


SabrinaRood said...

I love this idea and will join you in making February a celebration of love in its many forms and expressions!

Vera said...

Sabrina, this idea actually came to me while I was reading your email about how challenging the month of January feels since our emotions are triggered due to the death date or birthday of our deceased child. I was happy to be turning the page on the calendar and realized that if I consciously focus on daily acts of love, my emotions would be bolstered, and others would be positively impacted as well - a win/win ♥