Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mind Versus Mind's Eye

Well, that was fun.  A local clothing store posted an online contest asking their customers to guess the concept of the upcoming window display. The staff had just removed their cruiser bike scene and were preparing to install something new. The winner's reward would be a modest gift card. As soon as I read the question, an image of an outdoor bistro table with chairs, complete with two glasses of wine, popped into my mind's eye. I was about to write that down, but then hesitated. It is not a large shop and I had difficulty picturing enough window space for this scene, in addition to placing the mannequins required. So, for a few minutes, I considered what else it could be. Nothing resonated. Therefore, I decided to submit the idea, despite my mind's inclination to override it. The following day, the store posted an online picture of the new display, and it was just as I had seen: a bistro table, chairs, and two glasses of wine, with room enough for them to include a few mannequins - I had won. Alone at my desk, I laughed out loud. Despite previous, similar experiences, this one was no less impressive or amusing. I continue to shake my head and marvel at how it all works.

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