Sunday, June 22, 2014

Celebration on Many Levels

I was looking forward to celebrating the summer solstice by having dinner with a friend at an ocean side restaurant.  Just before leaving home, I thought I'd quickly check Facebook. While scrolling down, I suddenly came upon what looked to be my son's high school graduation photo posted alongside another young man's. I froze. I couldn't process what I was seeing. The thought flashed through my mind that maybe this wasn't really my son, just someone who looked a lot like him. Then, as I read the corresponding paragraph, I learned that these two had graduated together in 2004 and were now both deceased.  Their class was celebrating their 10th High School Reunion tonight and the reunion committee had posted these two grad pictures to show that the boys were not forgotten by their classmates.  How sweet.  How very thoughtful.  After composing myself, I drove off to meet my friend. We had a great time catching up over a delicious meal with weather that was summer perfect. A few hours later, I returned home to the sound of live jazz coming from a nearby house party.  A beautiful night of celebration, on many levels.       

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