Friday, October 21, 2011

Insights and Inspiration

Inspiration.  Wisdom from the universe.  Divine communication. Messages from spirit guides.  Gaining insight.  Various terms describing essentially the same phenomenon.  That of precious knowledge seeming to magically appear.  Designed to assist with living ones best life.  Delivered with loving guidance and support.  Available for anyone to tap into.  More easily and frequently accessed by people who are open.  Those regularly taking time to still the mind.  Quiet the chatter.  Yoga.  Meditation.  Deep breathing.  Out in nature.  Away from the distractions.  Opening the channels.  In and of itself enriching. Enabling wonders to occur.  Further exploration then possible.  Clearly communicating a specific concern.  With sincerity.  Inviting more of the often subtle messages in.  Paying attention in order to notice when they arrive.  Acting on them if it feels appropriate.  Always expressing gratitude for the guidance received.  Most important.  Increasing the possibilities of continued interaction.    

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