Monday, April 13, 2015

Miracle Log

     Serendipity, coincidence, happy chance event... words used to describe the small miracles that make our lives a little sweeter. Lucky for me, I experience them almost daily. Having a dream about a person I had not thought about for years, only to have someone else mention that same person the next morning. Looking for a small box of goofy sunglasses everywhere I thought it might be, then finding it later that day, within in a larger box marked 'small picture frames' which I had opened for an unrelated project of creating a photo wall. Receiving tickets, out of the blue, to a sold out event I had wanted to attend.
     One way to to help foster this awareness in children is to keep a Miracle Log available. I came across this idea while reading Spirit Games, a book by Barbara Sher. Whenever something serendipitous occurs, anyone in the family can log in by writing down what happened. It can also include the wish that preceded the event, if there was one. There seems to be a snowball affect - the more often these little miracles are noticed, the more often they appear. Keeping track of them can help bring children comfort and joy, and heaven knows, we all thrive when showered with frequent doses of both.


Bren Murphy said...

Love your images and the way you have shared your story - you are an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work! Just called out to my wife about Bowen Island and she says back "I've been to Bowen Island" thanks for talking us back there.

Helen said...

Seems to me that publishing a Miracle Log would be a good follow up to the Diary.

Vera said...

Bren, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share your kind words. Isn't it amazing that by writing about my experience involving a small island near my home, I triggered a happy memory for someone half way around the world? Love it!

Helen, you might be onto something!