Sunday, April 6, 2014


Thirteen of us, that magical number, showed up for the most recent Open Circle at ISA.  We began with a guided meditation during which I was drawn to a brilliant amber-coloured energy.  While immersed in this vibrant hue for a prolonged time, I eventually recognized it was a sign encouraging me to explore gemstones of this colour.  The previous week, I had met a woman at a local metaphysical store and we had engaged in a short conversation about my book.  Then, just as she was leaving, she turned to say there was a crystal I should be wearing, but she had no idea which one.  Now, armed with the knowledge from this mediation, amber seems an obvious choice.  I have been steered in this direction before, but not worn any for quite some time.  I look forward to pulling out the few pieces I have, and refreshing my knowledge about its energetic properties.  As with most of my guided meditations, I received insight into an aspect of my life, along with recommended action I could take.  Guidance that is always appreciated.

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