Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Storm

Shortly before midnight, I was awakened by a rare summer storm.   It was not the rumbling of the thunder that lured me out of the comfort of my bed, but rather, the intense lightening.  So extreme, that each flash lit up the inside of my entire house, due to the full glass walls at the back and numerous clerestory windows along the sides.  Light spilled down through the skylight, as well.  

I ventured outside in my robe to fully experience the magnitude of Mother Nature's show.  Rain poured down the rain chains into the stones below, creating a vertical river in my backyard.  In the absence of any wind, the gigantic evergreens seemed to stand at attention, each lightening flash flooding them fully.  It was as if the trees were posing to have their majestic presence captured by a heavenly photographer. Viewing this entire spectacle with awe, I briefly wondered if I would meet the skunks or bear that had recently visited here.

Within the hour, the storm had passed, and the darkness returned.  The river, reduced to a trickle.  I wandered back to bed and considered how fortunate I was to have witnessed such unexpected beauty.  This morning I recalled that just before going to bed, I had entered a contest to win a winter storm watching getaway.  Perhaps last night was just a taste of things to come. 

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