Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheeky Kid

I attended an inspiring drop-in at the ISA this week, long overdue.  It was not because of a burning desire to hear from anyone in particular that I went - it was because I knew that even listening to messages meant for others always leaves me feeling enheartened, particularly in that space.

There were five mediums ready to work with spirit but before they began, we did something a little different - each member of the audience was asked to write down the name of someone in spirit that we were hoping to connect with that evening.  No surprise that I wrote down "Michael" because obviously it is always wonderful to hear from him.  After we all placed our folded papers in a basket, the mediums each took turns pulling names and relaying the messages.  The energy was excellent, resulting in detailed and meaningful readings.  

As the two hour session drew to a close, one of the mediums stood up and announced that rather than drawing a name, she would work with the spirit who had shown himself to her while she was awaiting her turn.  She described his personality, his age group, and the accident.  Once I determined it was Michael, she went on to say that he was feeling responsible for the added emotional challenges I have had these past few weeks and that he felt sad while watching me cope.  The medium then reiterated something I already knew - that Michael was coming into his own more fully now, and helping others.  All of this was comforting to hear.

Later, while driving home, it dawned on me that the most poignant part of his communication was not the message itself but rather how he had chosen to come through. The folded paper with his name on it would not physically get picked from the basket - that was for the masses, not for him.  He would come through on his own terms rather than follow the format set out for the group.  This had been one of Michael's strong personality traits on this side and he was now showing it to me from over there.  Recognizing this inside joke, I had a good laugh and was reminded that he is still my cheeky kid!

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