Thursday, August 2, 2012

Colourful Confirmation

I am one of the fortunate.  Able to avail myself of the healthful benefits associated with massage therapy.  Luxuriating in the stress release and deep relaxation of this self care treatment.  My latest session leaving me feeling even more grateful than usual.  After completing an hour of hands-on treatment, the therapist spontaneously deciding to spend extra time engaging in energy work.  Gently moving her hands around my head, without physically touching me.  With my eyes closed, soon noticing a rectangular, round-cornered gemstone hovering in the vicinity of my third eye.  Appearing in the palest shade of blue possible, just shy of being white.  It eventually fading, only to be replaced with a jewel of equal size and shape, but tinted rich ruby red.  Thereafter, in smooth succession, each gem disappearing, with a new one emerging in yet another spectacular colour.  From deepest orange through brilliant yellow, vivid emerald green, cool sapphire, vibrant indigo, and lastly, to peaceful violet.  An extraordinary display.  After dressing, eagerly describing this magical experience to the practitioner.  While speaking, suddenly recognizing all the traditional chakra colours.  The first image containing all the colours, appearing almost white.  Then the seven representing root to crown, following sequentially.  She now explaining the silent intention she had set for the additional healing work.  That of concentrating specifically on the chakras.  Choosing this theme for a client only once or twice before in all these years.  This unexpected result pleasantly surprising the two of us.  Both in awe of receiving such colourful confirmation of predominantly unseen energy.

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Gena said...

Now that's deep, and I loved reading about it.