Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beautiful Butterflies

Before leaving for this trip, dropping off the rough draft of my book at a friend's.  A talented graphic designer and artist offering to help with layout and illustration.  Arranging to leave it with her to brainstorm various possibilities.  Sitting beside each other at her kitchen table.  Explaining the material I had gathered thus far.  Discussing potential themes and images.  Turning to the photo of a shelf in my living room.  One dedicated entirely to Michael and Kelly.  The display including photos, candles, feathers and other tokens.  Explaining the significance of each item aloud.  Then intentionally choosing to skip over one.  Thinking it was less important than the rest.  Seconds later, watching a yellow butterfly enter the room.  Coming in from outside through a small opening on the left side of the main window.  Located quite a distance from where we were working.  Flying closer, then circling around the back of my friend's head, continuing behind mine.  Then returning to the outdoors via the narrow opening on the far right side of that same picture window.  Again through a space no wider than my hand.  Executing a perfect C shaped flight.  Shaking my head in disbelief while witnessing this once in a lifetime experience.  Exclaiming my utter surprise to my friend.  Pointing out the one item on the shelf in the photo I had not bothered to mention.  A yellow fabric butterfly mounted upon a smooth stone.  A decoration that had originally been placed in the pot of an orchid plant.  Receiving this sympathy gift three weeks after the accident.  From the owner of a small shop I occasionally frequent.  Holding onto the ornament.  That plant long gone.  This trinket obviously just as valuable as all the others up there on that shelf.  That beautiful butterfly coming to show me just that. 


Gena said...

Wow, that is an amazing story, almost worth its own chapter in your book. If anyone but you had written this, I probably wouldn't believe it actually happened.

Vera said...

As I've often said, at times I wish I were making this stuff up - at least then I'd be able to understand it !!