Saturday, July 21, 2012

Precious Painted Rocks

A close friend of Kelly's calling to share a beautiful love story. Regarding an incident occurring at her recent outdoor wedding.  Held on the property of a lakeside summer camp for teen girls.  This bride-to-be having to adjust to the fact that Kelly would not be there as her maid of honour.  Something they had previously agreed upon.  Instead, incorporating little touches throughout the day to represent her friend as best she could.  Including the best man carrying a single rose during the ceremony.  Later, while mingling with her guests, being asked about the significance of the rose by someone unaware of the history. The bride briefly explaining the situation.  Moments later, her young niece, the flower girl, joining the group.  Wanting to show her aunt the treasure she had just found.  Discovering a hand painted rock lying on a pile of dirt, away from the crowds.  Golden in colour, with spots of blue, green and yellow paint scattered around the circumference.  The name Kelly spelled out in bold, black letters on the top!  What a gift.  An unmistakable sign.  Reassuring the bride of Kelly's presence on this very significant day.  Following our conversation, me recalling another special painted rock in existence personalized with Kelly's name.  From my oldest daughter's wedding, less than two years ago.  Stephanie and her friends decorating stones with glitter paint.  One for each guest, with both first and last name.  Using them as place settings at the dinner.  Kelly, like most of us, taking hers home as a keepsake. Precious painted rocks.  Symbolizing love, friendship, and  family connection. 

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