Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I ♡ U

Immersing myself in the creative process of producing the book.  Based on that first year.  With such great support.  Currently collecting images to consider including therein.  Flipping through photos taken from Michael's camera.  All printed off a few weeks after he died.  Coming across one I had completely forgotten about.  Having first seen it long before the ongoing penny theme became evident.  This picture capturing a loving message.  Spelled out with these copper coloured coins upon a tabletop.  I ♡ U.  Feeling the love behind it.  Adding a layer of understanding.  Shedding light on this theme.  Now recognizing that it began long before the end.  

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Breathing Life said...

Everytime I see a penny I think of Michael. Sometimes the signs are right in front of us, and I am glad you are able to read yours.