Monday, December 12, 2011

Seeing Love

Psychometry.  The art of discovering information about someone by holding an object associated with them.  Found myself practising this with a dozen people last week.  Each of us anonymously depositing something of ours into a basket.  Then taking turns pulling out an object.  Sitting with it for some time.  Writing down any impressions received.  Sights, sounds, smells, words, feelings.  Later sharing the information one by one before the group.  Lastly, confirming whose item it was and receiving feedback on accuracy of the reading.  Deciding to submit an heirloom ring worn daily.  One my maternal grandmother had purchased for herself many, many years ago.  Clean modern design consisting of three identical diamonds on a gold band.  Inherited by my mother, who in turn gifted it to me weeks before she died.  The resulting reading was impressive with the reader accurately commenting on my personality traits and recent events.   However, the highlight was the intense colour association.  This woman describing a most magnificent vision of bright pink, edged with gold.  Commenting that this was the most glorious shade of it she had ever seen.  Explaining that it represented love and that the owner of this ring was surrounded by so much of it.  That I know to be true.  Love.  Not only an energy we can feel, but one that can also be seen.


Gena said...

Pink and gold: my favourite colour combination. How appropriate that it's associated with one of my favourite people.

Vera said...

Just like your Marilyn painting!