Monday, December 2, 2013

Coyote Encounter

What a glorious day for a run.  This morning, as I headed out the door towards the trail head of a sparsely-populated path leading into the canyon, I considered Saturday's run, when I ended up forgoing this route which I have run hundreds of times before. 
On that day, while approaching this path, I noticed a four-legged animal standing a short distance away, along the roadside.  At first, I thought it was a dog, a husky cross perhaps, but I stopped in my tracks when I realized I was staring at a coyote.   We sized each other up - me wondering what his intentions were, and he possibly wondering the same about me.  My first close encounter with such an animal was happening a 1/2 block from my home. 
As I moved closer, he retreated into the forest, whereupon I lost sight of him.  Hoping to get another glimpse, I wandered along the road, peering through the trees, but he was nowhere to be seen.  Unsure of what typical coyote behavior might be, I weighed my options - backtrack to the path and continue running into the canyon, or change to a less desirable, urban route?   I decided to stick to my original plan and ran back to the trail head.  However, as I started down the path, the animal crossed directly in front of me.  He then positioned himself at the edge of the forest, watching me. Perhaps we were just equally curious, but I turned around and finished my run along the neighbourhood sidewalks instead.  
I later learned that I need not have, and now know that if we ever run into each other again, we can both peacefully carry on our way.

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