Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Special Rose

One of the many fabulous aspects of the garden at our new home is a large and plentiful strawberry patch.  Whether I am popping out barefoot in my housecoat to pick berries for breakfast or going out later in the day to gather some for a salad, I feel gratitude for these tasty gifts of nature.  An odd feature of this space, however, is that in the centre of this dense strawberry patch grows one large, lone, red rose.  This vibrant, large-petalled blossom stands elegantly poised above its small, red neighbours.  When I first noticed this rose, I imagined more would follow, but it remains the one and only.  Gazing upon this scene, I am reminded of Antoine de Saint Exupéry's The Little Prince story wherein the only large flower blooming on the prince's small planet is a single red rose.  He tends to this flower faithfully, all the while believing it to be the only one in existence.  Then, while visiting Earth, he is shocked to realize this is not the case when he sees thousands of roses in just one garden.  However, evetually he recognizes that it is because of his deep friendship with that one red rose on his planet that makes her so special, and he appreciates her even more.  And so it is here in this garden - each and every time I pick berries from that strawberry patch, my heart smiles at this special rose, the only one in this entire garden. 

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