Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rich and Vivid Life

Preparing for bed a couple of nights ago.  Expressing gratitude for being able to experience life with an integrated connection to the unseen. Wondering how to articulate to another what it feels like to live this way.  Immediately shown an analogy.  Imagining a person seeing the entire world without colour.  Solely in shades of black and white. Certainly functional, but fairly dull.  Then flipping a switch.  Allowing all the colours of the rainbow to be observed and factored in.  Adding a huge measure of intensity to all perceptions.  Bringing increased vibrancy to daily life.  If that individual were then to incorporate the additional layer of gaining information through intuition and spirit connection, he would experience yet another magnificent shift.  Just as dramatic as the first.  Resulting in an even richer and more vivid life. 

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